In a recent GovLoop survey, 61% of you agreed that people are our greatest security threat. If the people around us are our greatest liability, how can we promote a culture rooted in security?

In our newest guide, we make the case for using a Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) program to stop cyberattackers in their tracks.

Here's a preview of what you'll find in the guide:
•    The 9 best practices of CDM success.
•    What it means to be secure in the Internet of Things.
•    A history of risk-based and cost-effective cyber policy.
•    Exclusive content from HP, Immix Group, McAfee and more.

Government needs to become more agile and efficient in the way it combats cyberthreats. CDM is a step in the right direction. Explore our guide to learn more.

2014 GovLoop Continuous Diagnostic & Mitigation Program Field Guide
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Although new technology continues to make life easier, it also leads to increased security risks. More often than not, the same website that allows you to store documents and connect with others online also allows hackers to rummage through your data and personal information.

In the dynamic and asymmetric world of IT, agencies must constantly look at innovative ways to stay ahead of attackers.

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