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immixGroup's Trusted Supplier Program
Minimize the Risks from Counterfeit Commercial Products

How can you ensure the commercial products you’re buying or selling are current in-production, authentic and genuine products from the original manufacturer? As the complexity of the technology supply chain increases, the risk posed by counterfeit or potentially tainted products and parts has never been greater, exposing government agencies to potential mission failure and contractors to costly liability.

To address this emerging threat, immixGroup has introduced the Trusted Supplier Program.  Under this program, immixGroup guarantees and warrants the authenticity of any product delivered.  Best of all, there's no additional cost to our government customers, systems integrators, or immixGroup channel partners for this value-added service.
Comply with New Acquisition Requirements

immixGroup created the Trusted Supplier Program to address the legal requirements of the Department of Defense and its contractors when buying products containing electronic components.  These counterfeit prevention requirements stem from three different sections of law passed by Congress in the annual National Defense Authorization Acts of 2011, 2012 and 2013 (compiled here) implemented with Counterfeit Prevention Guidance Memo March 2012 followed by DoD Counterfeit Prevention Policy April 26, 2013. Several acquisition regulation updates are in process (DFARS Cases 2012-D055 and 2012-D050).

The immixGroup Trusted Supplier Program provides federal government agencies with secure, reliable access to technology products and ensures that:
  • All offered products are current, in-production and authentic from the original manufacturer.

  • All products are contractually sourced from the original manufacturer or its authorized channels of distribution.

  • Chain of custody traceability is maintained from source to delivery point.

  • immixGroup is a registered participant of the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) for the prompt reporting of suspected and identified counterfeit products.

  • "Other than Authentic" products are replaced at no charge.

  • All processes and documentation are carefully managed using immixGroup's ISO 9001:2015 certified business procedures for consistency and quality control.

Systems Integrators
Limit your exposure to counterfeit products sourced by subcontractors without your knowledge... and the significant liability that goes with it.

Solution Providers
Protect your customers and your business by relying on immixGroup's warranties, ISO-certified business processes and extensive vendor agreements.

Government Agencies
Minimize the potential impact of counterfeit COTS products and comply with new acquisition requirements at no additional cost.

The program also protects federal systems integrators, value-added resellers, and other solution providers from the liability associated with sourcing COTS products that may be discovered to be counterfeit or "other than authentic."

Mitigate Your Risks